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The Curio Collective is a creative branding and web design studio based out of southeastern Pennsylvania. We are a husband + wife team crafting beautiful and cohesive brand experiences. This includes everything from logos to websites – and all that comes in between.

Motivated by hard work and a sense of curiosity, we craft brand experiences that are as rare and intriguing as your business. We love working side-by-side with people who are passionate about their pursuits – just as we are. The one-on-one, small scale nature that we approach branding with allows us to tailor the entire process to your individual needs.

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Ash Schweitzer

Ash Schweitzer

Designer, Developer, Has Too Many Hobbies

Best known for her passionate outbursts.

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Adam Schweitzer

Adam Schweitzer

Designer, Typographer, Aspiring Sign Painter

Best known for his meticulous nature.

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Every project is different. Our process is unique to you and your specific needs.



First, we listen to you; your goals, your dreams. From there we research, ask questions and begin planning the project perfect for you.



Second, we concept and craft the overarching look and feel for your brand, all while keeping you updated throughout the entire process.



Third, we start the creative process and get to work. This is the really fun part! It includes any and all design, prototyping, development, etc.



Lastly, we launch! This means making your new brand live for the world to see. It also includes any necessary pieces and correspondence that may follow.

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 Despite not having a typical nine-to-five or things like babies running around; we still get stressed and overwhelmed. Being busy is such a blessing but we can't let the busy take over our well being. That's why we take breaks, make our own hours and stay active so we can pursue the 60+ hour work weeks with ease (and without ripping each other's heads off ). ⠀ ⠀ I've had my eyes on the @bellabeat wellness tracker for a while and was so excited to finally treat myself to one (as a "you go girl!" bonus). It came in the mail today and is BEAUTIFUL  Another step to making sure my health is in a great spot, both physically and mentally. Invest in yourself, my friends. Take the time and make the changes necessary to live your best life! ⠀ ⠀ Sorry if my arm looks broken. I seriously have the weirdest elbows.
 An unused pattern that we just had to share.✨
 Took a quick 10 minute break to whip up a batch of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and satisfy our rainy day craving. Oh, the benefits of working from a home office...
 Just some words of wisdom, because we all need to hear this some days  (especially me because I've literally been running around like a crazy person this week! Can someone please tell me how it's already Friday?).

What Our Clients Have to Say

“Working with Ashley has been a dream! She is the perfect mix of highly professional, highly talented and highly intuitive. She has listened to the heart behind my brand and translated it into simply gorgeous design. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Hilary Barnett of The New Mystique

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