3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Strategy

Strategy. It’s a common word which basically means to have a plan. A game plan, a master plan, a plan of attack. It’s a word that’s typically associated with things like economics, board games or the military.

But, not so much with website’s.

So why would you need a strategy for something like a website anyway?

1.  For logistical and organizational purposes

There are some big questions that need answered whether your starting with your very first website or you’re going through a re-design.

Answering questions similar to the ones below will be imperative to the success and longevity of your website.

Will your website live on a content management system such as WordPress or does it need eCommerce functionality? Do you need to set up a hosting account? What pages are going to be on your website and what’s going to go on those pages? Will they be linking to other pages within your website? If so, which ones?

And so on. And so on.

2. To properly connect with your audience

Think about the primary reason you have or need a website in the first place. It’s almost always to communicate with potential customers! And you should be communicating with them strategically.

For example: if you run a restaurant, customers are most likely coming to your website to take a peek at your menu or figure out how late you might be open until. Don’t make that content difficult to find by integrating third party platforms to host the information (which most times appear broken on mobile devices), simply add the raw content to a page on your website and you and your customer will be good to go. 👌

Knowing who your target audience and understanding exactly why they might be visiting your website will better direct the decisions you need to be making in order to be successful. Coschedule has a great post on how to identify your target audience, if you aren’t sure who they are yet.

3.  So you can stand out from the crowd

The internet is fully saturated with websites that look the same, flow the same and are most likely coded the same; thanks to the endless number of DIY website builders and theme shops out there. Regardless of my opinion on these, they do one thing well – they make it super easy for you to get a website up and running in practically no time at all.

But is that actually a good thing? They are more focused on creating a good experience for you, the business owner, rather than considering why you need a website to begin with.

Thinking strategically about your website can put you one step ahead of your competition. This will show your customer’s that you care enough about them to consider how they will be interacting with your website and what they might like best. Not how much money you could potentially be making off them because you only paid $100 for your website and it was live in like 3 days

Putting the customer’s needs first is like rule #1 in good business. Right?

What does a website strategy look like?

The website strategy we provide for clients has the following pieces…

Kick-Off Survey:  We ask 10 questions that help us figure out who your target audience is and what goals you have for your website.

Sitemap:  We provide a literal map of your new website. What pages will be on your website and how can we make those more unique than just “home”, “about”, “contact”, etc.? The sitemap also outlines how we can get your visitors to the point where they want to be.

Content Outline:  All of the content on your website will be outlined in a neatly organized document before we even begin designing. This allows us to see where everything goes, how lengthy or short the copy is and if we are actually sticking to the overall strategy.

Want to learn more? Feel free to get in touch with us!