Curio Paper

Rare, intriguing and handmade journals.

Services Rendered

  1. Logo / Brand Creation
  2. Custom Typography
  3. Illustration
  4. Packaging Design
  5. User Experience Design
  6. Responsive Website Design
  7. Website Development
  8. Production

Curio Paper is one of our hobby businesses. We created the overall look and feel of Curio Paper to exist in tandem with The Curio Company. We complete, in-house, all of the product design and production along with packaging and sales. Each product is crafted with the utmost care because creating things with our hands is one of our dearest passions.

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Full Logo

Full Logo

Secondary Mark(s)

Secondary Mark

Brand Colors

Brand Colors
Website Mockups

Curio Paper needed a brand image that is rare, unique and inspired by tradition. We love running side businesses, taking on passion projects, and pursuing our hobbies in a creative manner. It allows us to grow and learn in order to help you do the same.

What Can We Create For You?

Just like you, we are passionate, hardworking and invested in all that we do. We want to help you build your perfect brand.

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