The New Mystique

An authentic, tight knit, online community of mothers and mothers-to-be. The New Mystique is motherhood – reimagined.

Services Rendered

  1. Logo / Brand Creation
  2. Handlettering / Custom Typography
  3. Illustration
  4. Social Media Materials

The New Mystique is building a community and creating a movement of authentic mothers and mothers-to-be. These women are pursuing life differently and breaking away from traditional labels. We created a visually beautiful and inspiring brand that encourages women to feel welcome, engaged and empowered.

Full Logo

Full Logo

Secondary Mark(s)

Secondary Mark

Brand Colors

Brand Colors

The New Mystique needed a brand image that is sincere, feminine and powerful. We crafted a logo using custom hand-lettered typography with vintage illustrations and created a friendly, feminine color palette to give it this exact feel.

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Just like you, we are passionate, hardworking and invested in all that we do. We want to help you build your perfect brand.

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