5 Things to Remember About the People Building Your Website

We’ve done our fair share research and have learned first hand from experience the most effective ways to create lasting, exciting and prosperous client relationships – however, we think there are a few key things that folks should keep in mind when hiring any type of contractor, especially those designing and developing their website.

Here are 5 important things to remember about the people building your website (whether it be us, or someone else).

1. We value, and need, steady communication.

Granted, most of us are introverts and we’d rather watch a movie with our cat than have a face-to-face meeting with a client. But in order to create sustainable relationships, we have to value communication with our clients. Anyone running a successful business (or in a successful relationship, really) knows this.

Just communicate with us and we will do the same. If something in life happens and that causes you to miss a deadline or not answer our emails for six months, please just let us know so we can put your project on hold until you get back. We’re more than happy to do this, but it negatively effects our business when we have to worry about if you are ever going to answer or pay us.

2. We create detailed timelines for a reason.

If you’ve worked with contractor’s in the past who haven’t given you some sort of timeline – you may understand the frustration. Timelines help us to all be held accountable. Without an approved timeline that both parties stick too, it’s nearly impossible to get anything done.

When you order something online, you like to know when it’ll be arriving to your doorstep, right? Or when you take your car into the shop, you typically ask the mechanic when it’ll be fixed, when you will be billed, etc.. Why should it be any different with your website?

We know exactly how long it will take us to design, develop and launch a website – the only things that delay our process is when client’s don’t respond to our emails or send us feedback in a timely fashion.

This is your website! We want you to be as excited about it as we are! We will need a little bit of assistance on things like letting us know who you are as a business, approving designs, reading over content, etc. Please respect the timeline and follow our tip about communication if problems do arise.

3. We aren’t magicians.

Sometimes we may feel like wizards in our special code-land of HTML, PHP and CSS, but we really aren’t magicians. We will do everything in our power to make awesome ideas work, but sometimes those things just aren’t possible (or shouldn’t be…). And sometimes, it does take longer than a click of a button / flick of a wand to update or fix something. ✨

The world wide web has it’s limitations and you may want to trust us if we say “no” to 5 different video slideshows on your homepage.

4. We want what’s best for your potential customers.

If we do say “no” to one of your ideas, it’s not us saying “you’re wrong, idiot”. It’s us using our experience to advise you against doing something that simply doesn’t work.

You wouldn’t tell your plumber he’s using the wrong wrench to fix your toilet – don’t tell a WordPress developer to use a plugin when you aren’t even sure what that word means.

We do a lot of upfront research and content strategy in order to figure out who your website should be reaching and how those people could be interacting with it. For example: a 58 year old man isn’t going to use your website the same way as an 18 year old girl. We have to find a balance that works for both, if necessary.

We want to help your business grow and we believe that a website can be your #1 seller. We want to make sure potential customers or clients can easily contact you to learn more about what you do and not be distracted by flashy graphics or slow loading pages.

5. Most of us stand by our work and love what we do.

We’ve heard a lot of folks say that their previous web designers / developers just seem to drop off the face of the Earth. They deliver a website (sometimes not even a mobile friendly one… *jaw drop*) and then basically say “good luck”. They offer no support, no documentation and no assistance.

We aren’t all like that. 

Most of us LOVE what we do. We take our profession very seriously and want the best possible outcome for you. We offer support and on-going maintenance for our websites and if something breaks – because of an error on our end – we fix it.

However, if you go in and edit your functions.php and it causes your entire website to break, we will be billing you to fix that… 🤷‍♀️

We hope this has offered a little bit of clarity when it comes to understanding the people who are working on your website.

Professional relationships are all about respect and communication. We know you’re hard at work building your business and we’re just trying to do the same. 🙌