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We made some big updates to our website this past month, and one of them was the addition of a pricing page. Most service-focused businesses in the creative industry don’t share their pricing in an outright manner. Design / development projects have a lot of variables and it can be difficult to blanket price those services – especially if you are offering everything from branding to social media strategies or web design to app development.

We decided to simplify and offer one service only – websites. We design and develop them on the WordPress platform (or Shopify for eCommerce). This shift in our business has allowed us to create simple, value based pricing around that one specific service.

We calculated our 3 website “packages” based off of the number of pages you might need, the amount of time it takes us to strategize, design and develop each of those pages, our level of experience and the quality of service we offer.

Here’s why we’re sharing all of this with you.

For the sake of transparency.

We don’t want to blindside you with an outrageous cost. We want you to know exactly what you are getting, and how much you’ll pay for it. Granted, some variables apply when it comes to eCommerce sites – but we’ll work out those details with you on a case-by-case basis.

When researching whether or not to include pricing on our website, we found it frustrating when other creative businesses had a “price” page that didn’t actually include any pricing. Simply a “Contact Us” button. We found it much more useful when folks included “starting at” pricing, because it at least gives customers an idea of what they can expect and whether or not they might be the right fit for their project.

To manage expectations.

Along with transparency, we simply want to manage expectations. Before we added our pricing to our website, we got a lot of folks expecting us to make websites for under $500. We simply don’t do that and we don’t want to waste your time by leading you to think that we do.

If our pricing doesn’t fit in your budget, you can explore other options. And we always encourage our clients to do just that. If you can find a cheaper website from an agency that compares to us in quality – we want you to work with them! We are small business owners too, so we definitely understand the importance of finding the best possible price.

Have questions about our pricing or are you interested in working with us? Send us an email, we’d love to chat.


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Ashley is fluent in multiple coding languages and has a keen eye for detailed simplicity when it comes to both design and development. Born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania, she has homegrown small town roots where hard work matters. When Ashley’s not building beautiful user experiences, she can be found chasing their dog Elle around, lifting weights or sewing all of the things. Follow us on Instagram.

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