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The Responsible Coding Mindset

Whether you’re just starting out with building websites or have been coding for over a decade (? hand raise over here!), when it comes to creating the best possible website project experiences for you and your clients – having the right mindset is our number one key to success.

​The Responsible Coding Mindset is an 8-page PDF that outlines how we’ve approached every website project that we’ve had over the past 8 years.

With our 3 Responsible Coding principles you’ll learn strategies for:

  • Understanding what you code
  • Owning what you code
  • Coding for the benefit of others

You’ll also be equipped with a comprehensive list of questions to ask yourself when starting a website project, an ADA Compliance Guide, and our Responsible Website Checklist.


This guide is perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready to learn a new methodology when it comes to building a website.
  • You’re ready for a fresh approach that generates success when it comes to website projects.
  • You’re ready to create the best possible website experience for yourself and/or clients.

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